Video inspection of GPU for sale on eBay

This post is just to give further info on a video card I have for sale on eBay – . These videos were in part inspired by a recent video on Gamer’s Nexus regarding buying used video cards and is my attempt to assure potential buyers that none of this applies to my card!

The following videos address some of the issues raised and should convince you that this is a sound video card with no useability issues and should provide serious gaming enjoyment. In order the videos are :

  • Visual inspection of card
  • Startup
  • Horizon Zero Dawn benchmark
  • Far Cry New Dawn benchmark

Apologies but I don’t know how to overlay the ‘AfterBurner’ output over the game display, like those proper hardware reviewers do!!

The equipment used is:

MSI Mortar WiFi B460 Motherboard
Intel i10400 CPU
MSI Ventus 2060 OC
16GB 3000Mhz Ram running at 2600Mhz (B460 limit)

There is no sound on the videos.

Visual Inspection made on ‘Census Day’ March 21st 2021
Horizon Zero Dawn Benchmark
Far Cry New Dawn benchmark

Impressed? Head over to eBay to make a bid!

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